• Am I able to keep the same cleaner every time my house or apartment is cleaned?

    Unfortunately, it’s often impossible to schedule the same cleaner at the same time every week. However, we keep comprehensive records regarding how you want your home cleaned. Our cleaners will work conscientiously to make sure that everything is done as to your specifications, and will keep notes on further cleaning requests. That means that even though you’re not working with the same cleaner consistently, you’re still going to get a very consistent experience for your cleaning.

  • Do you use my cleaning products or do you bring your own cleaning products?

    At Simply Clean, we only use green, Eco-friendly cleaning products that we source and research ourselves. That means that we don’t use any of the cleaning products that you have: you don’t need to keep anything in stock.

    It also means that when you come to your home you may feel as though it doesn’t “smell” clean. Many people are used to the artificial scents associated with harsh, caustic chemical cleaners. Our cleaning products are designed to have limited ingredients and be safe and friendly to use for your family and your pets. That also means that they have very limited scent on them. So, while your home may not “smell” clean, it’s still going to be fresh and deodorized, and it has been thoroughly cleaned.

  • Am I able to change my cleaning plans based on my needs?

    When we start cleaning your house we’ll work with you to establish a cleaning plan. That will include the amount of time you want us to spend on your home, what type of cleaning you want done, and which rooms you want cleaned.

    But that doesn’t mean that you’re committed to that cleaning plan: we’ll follow that cleaning plan until you decide that it should change. You can change your cleaning plans at any time based on your needs, switching around the type of cleaning that needs to be done and the areas that have to be serviced.

  • When is the best time to clean my home?

    We can schedule a house cleaning at any time: there is no one time that’s going to be any better or worse to clean your home. Some people prefer to have their homes cleaned on the weekend, so they can enjoy a clean home while they’re at home.

    Others prefer to have their home cleaned during the week, as it tends to stay cleaner for longer and it means they don’t need to worry about anything while they are at work. All of it depends on you: we strive to create the cleaning plan and cleaning schedule that is best for your home.

  • What if I have a lot of organized clutter inside of my home?

    There are many people that collect items or who have a lot of decor, and it can be difficult to determine how they’ll be cleaned around. The answer is that it depends on you.

    If you want your items to be taken out, dusted, or wiped down, then we can do htat. Otherwise, we can do a more surface level cleaning around those items and save cleaning your organized clutter for a deeper clean. It’s all up to you: you have complete control over how we customize your cleaning plan.

  • Can you clean windows when you clean my home?

    We will clean the insides of windows, window sills, and blinds. For shutters, we may only clean and dust them if doing a deep cleaning (or if specifically requested), as this tends to take a long time. Exterior windows usually are not cleaned unless specifically requested and it may be recommended that you purchase a separate window cleaning service.

  • What if something gets broken when cleaning my house?

    Our cleaning crew works hard to make sure that your items are treated with the same care that you would treat them. That being said, accidents can happen at any time, and it is possible that something could become broken or damaged inside of your house when cleaning. If that happens, rest assured that our insurance will cover the replacement or repair of that item. We’ll work with you to make sure that everything is handled quickly and to your satisfaction.

  • Can I exclude some rooms from the cleaning?

    You have complete control over the areas of your house that are cleaned. You can easily exclude rooms from cleaning and you can even adjust that on-the-fly: you can have us clean some rooms one week and other rooms the next week. All of it depends on you.

    We want your house to be the way that you want it to be, and that often means that we need to customize our cleaning plans. Everyone’s home or apartment is unique, just as they are.

  • What things are included inside of my home or apartment's cleaning?

    We provide checklists of the services that we usually offer for those who want their homes, apartments, or even businesses cleaned. That being said, that’s just a suggested list of services that we usually offer, and it’s our listing of offerings that we will provide if you don’t specify otherwise.

    You always have control over the customization of your home or apartment’s cleaning, and you can tell us exactly what you want to do. From there, we can estimate how much time it will take based on your home’s size, and we’ll get a quote back to you that accurately reflects the amount of work that you want done.

  • Do I have to be home when my house or apartment is being cleaned?

    You don’t have to be home when your house or apartment is being cleaned. We spend the time to hire trustworthy and professional staff and we limit the number of people in your home for the purposes of accountability. Reliable and responsible, we make sure that your home is kept safe even when you aren’t there.

    If you want your home or apartment being cleaned when you’re gone, you can give us a key that will be kept secure, or you can use a lockbox instead. As an additional benefit, you’ll be able to come home to a clean apartment or house.