Get a Perfect Cleaning for Your Portland Apartment

We know that life gets busy. Between work, social obligations, and your home life, it can be virtually impossible to keep your space clean. Yet for health and peace-of-mind, you need to be able to make sure that you come home to a clean house at the end of the day. To that end, we provide complete apartment cleaning services for Portland apartments and condos.

Customize Your Cleaning Services for Your Apartment or Condo

At Simply Clean, we customize and tailor all of our cleaning services to our clients’ needs, making sure that their needs are well met and their possessions are taken care of as though they were our own. You can meet with us to discuss your apartment or condo’s needs, marking off areas that you want us to clean and highlighting areas that you want us to ignore. Together, we’ll be able to create the perfect home environment in which you can relax.

Come Home to a Clean Apartment Every Time

Give us a list of chores and you’ll come home to a clean apartment every time: you don’t need to be home for our cleaning services. We can schedule your cleaning services for the times that are least disruptive to you, so you just experience a clean, healthy, and happy apartment.

At Simply Clean, we only use the best, certified green cleaning solutions and processes, so you can rest-assured that we’re making sure that your home is healthy. We aren’t just content to clean your home: we want to make it safe for you. That means our services don’t just protect you against visible dirt, they also protect your air quality.

Get Started With Simply Clean Cleaning Services Today

Are you ready to clean your Portland apartment? Contact us for a consultation. We’ll go over your needs to create a cleaning schedule that will best suit you. We can schedule a deep cleaning to get started or just jump right into a regular, maintenance cleaning schedule.