Why Do You Want ``Green`` Cleaning Services?

Green cleaning services use environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions and cleaning processes. Where possible, we will avoid using harsh chemicals or potentially wasteful equipment: instead, we focus on delivering the best, most effective clean with the fewest resources needed. Our green cleaning services are dedicated to protecting the environment as well as your home, business, and family.

What is a ``Green`` Cleaning Product?

Not every cleaning product that calls itself “green” is truly green. Green products need to be tested and certified, to make sure they aren’t using any harmful or caustic chemicals. Non-green cleaning products can harm the environment, tainting the air quality of a home or office, and harming animals and plant-life if the cleaning product gets into the local ecosystem.

We go above and beyond to make sure that our cleaning products are green and sustainable. From making sure that they’re shipped effectively (in the form of a concentrate), to properly documenting their use to our employees, we take careful action to minimize any harm to the environment or to our clients. We’re willing to put in additional time and effort to make sure that our clients are safe.

Our Mission at Simply Clean

  • We pride ourselves on using both effective and safe cleaning solutions.

  • We want to deliver a best-in-class cleaning without wasting energy, water, or other resources.

  • We are willing to spend more on high quality products for our clients’ health and safety.

  • We believe that healthy people come from healthy homes and healthy workplaces.

The Tremendous Benefits of Green Cleaning Services

With Simply Clean, you still get a completely thorough clean without having to resort to potentially harmful chemicals. Advanced technologies provide for the cleanliness and sanitation of a home without having to use harmful chemicals. Further, HEPA filters can be used to reduce air pollution within your home or business, improving your air quality and making it easier to achieve a healthy environment.

It’s not just about chemicals: it’s also about using less water and energy. At Simply Clean, we spend the time to make sure our business processes are refined, we’re using the best equipment, and we aren’t using anything that could potentially harm someone’s employees or family.

If your business is a green business, then using a green cleaning company is exactly what you may need to show the community that you care. Working with green cleaning companies show a commitment to environmentally friendly pursuits, and can be used to bolster your company culture.

if you need cleaning for your home, green cleaning services will be safer for children, pets, and those who may have immune system issues or issues with breathing problems like asthma.

Schedule Your Green Cleaning Today With Simply Clean

Green cleaning is a gentler, more environmentally friendly way to get a clean house. Contact us at Simply Clean today to find out more about the benefits of green, environmentally-friendly cleaning services.