Recurring House Cleaning Portland

Routine or maintenance cleaning services can be scheduled at intervals to make sure your Portland house remains clean. With a routine cleaning, our cleaners will learn about your home over time, delivering a highly personalized, consistent experience that is exactly what you need.

Your house cleaning services can be as much or as little as you want. Create a general overview of cleaning services throughout your own home, or invest specifically in areas such as your living room while maintaining your own bedrooms and bathrooms. Talk to us if you have any special requests regarding how you want your cleaning services to be delivered.

Why Invest in a Recurring Cleaning?

Rather than spending your time making sure your house is clean, you can instead spend your time enjoying your home. Recurring cleaning services keep your home from “getting away from you,” creating and maintaining a healthy environment for yourself and your family. Recurring cleaning services can provide the extra help that you need to keep your house guest and visitor ready, while also lifting the burden off of you.

We know you’re busy. Let us help.

The Features of Routine or Maintenance Cleaning

Cleaning services are usually based on the amount of time that the job will take, and consequently the more of this that is requested means the longer the service will usually last. You can prioritize your cleaners based on the tasks that you want them to do, such as by directing them to specific rooms inside of your home.

  • Mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming floors and upholstery, including areas beneath furniture.

  • Cleaning and polishing bathroom surfaces, wiping down soap dispensers and dishes, and thoroughly cleaning counters.

  • Washing kitchen sinks, cleaning and polishing basins and fixtures, and wiping down and polishing kitchen appliances.

  • Wiping down the front of cabinets and cleaning counters and fixtures.

  • Cleaning microwaves, stoves and stove tops and ovens.

  • Cleaning baseboards, windows, window sills, and walls.
    Though the above are usually what’s included with a house cleaning Portland service, they don’t need to be included in every service.

Additional Cleaning Services

Additional cleaning services are available on request, to make your home even cleaner. These services are usually services that tend to be a little more time-consuming: including them in the regular cleaning could make the cleaning take much longer.

  • Changing the bedding in the bedrooms.

  • Emptying trash and recycling.

  • Dusting shutters or blinds.

  • Cleaning inside of the fridge or the oven.

When Do You Need a Deep Clean?

Everyone can benefit from a deep clean from time-to-time, but how do you know whether your home needs a deep clean rather than just a recurring or maintenance cleaning? If you haven’t had a deep clean for some time, it’s often best to start with a deep cleaning and have your cleaner maintain it from there. If you have a lot to do, a deep clean is likely to be the answer.