Clean Your Vacation Rental Fast and Effectively

In Portland, the vacation rental industry is booming. Yet most people only have a few hours between vacationers to clean their entire home. Cleaning is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a vacation rental, and it’s one of the aspects that can be most easily outsourced. With Simply Clean, you can make sure your vacation rentals are cleaned on-time every time, preparing them for the next renter and securing you the best reviews.

The Benefits of Vacation Rental Cleaning Services

  • Increase your revenue. Better cleaning leads to better ratings and better ratings lead to properties being booked up more often and for more money. By being able to clean easily, you can book your properties more frequently.

  • Improve your guest satisfaction. Guests want to see a clean property. If a property isn’t clean, they’re very likely to leave a negative review. You can avoid this through our cleaning services.

  • Save you rown time and money. You can’t always take off from work or your plans to clean up your rental. We can make sure it’s sparkling clean each time, so you can rent it out more frequently.

  • Clean quickly and efficiently. Our streamlined processes are able to do in minutes what would take many other cleaners hours, thereby making it possible to turn over your units faster.

Your Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist

  • In the bedrooms, hange linens, make beds, dust furniture, and clean ceiling fans in the bedroom.

  • In the bathrooms, clean and sanitize tub and showers, clean toilet, shine mirrors, dust baseboards, and put out fresh towels.

  • In the kitchen, sanitize sink, unload dishwasher, clean all appliances, clean and organize cabinets, wipe down all counters and surfaces, and check hand soap and towels.

  • In the living room and other rooms, clean windows, clean floors, take care of patios, put out linens for sofa beds, vacuum and mop, and deodorize.

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Our vacation rental services provide fast, deep cleaning services within the hours between your renters. Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of our green, friendly vacation rental services.